Climate Change Webinars 

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Transportation and Climate Change in Canada

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Handouts and recordings from the Climate Change Adaptation Platform Webinar Series

The Climate Change and Health Office at Health Canada has undertaken an initiative to develop heat resiliency in individuals and communities in Canada. A key element of this heat initiative is to provide stakeholders with information and tools for managing extreme heat events.

To this end, Health Canada invited public health officials, urban planners, policy decision-makers, and health and emergency management NGOs to participate in a Community Sharing Network. The objective of this network is to enhance community capacity by learning from others and through the sharing of results and products from the Climate Change and Health Office’s Heat Initiative.

Health Canada is enabling these experts to meet via web-based conferences (webinars) to receive and review information products developed by CCHO and its partners. It targeted communities with existing heat alert and response systems or those interested in developing one in the future.

A series of nine 120 minute webinar recordings(slides and audio commentary)on climate change adaptation initiatives being taken in Canada and elsewhere, from the Alliance for Resilient Cities. Produced by the Clean Air Partnership, and funded by a variety of government agencies.