We are pleased to feature two novel Canadian approaches for engaging elementary and high school youth in walking, cycling and taking transit more.
Since 2007, the YO! Program (Youth On-Board) has made transit information more conveniently and easily accessible to high school students in York Region, within the Greater Toronto Area. Two student volunteers at each of 45 participating schools maintain transit displays, updated monthly, and ensure that there is always transit information available in either the main offices or the guidance offices.  Students at these high schools have the opportunity to visit the displays and ask questions, pick up the latest maps and schedules and provide feedback to York Region Transit.

Orsini’s Off-Ramp program is based on a youth engagement model for student leaders between Grades 4 & 12. Student groups - such as a “Bike Crew” - engage their peers in School-Based TDM strategies focusing on social stature, and safety. Through ‘hands-up’ student polling, the program has established baselines and documented increases of up to 20% more walking & cycling trips to school - all on shoestring budgets. The approach won an OECD Award for Environmentally Sound Transport. Off-Ramp can get your community started with inter-active train-the–trainer sessions, follow-up support and other resources.