The Rewire program at University of Toronto Residences was designated a Landmark case study by a Tools of Change selection panel in 2010. Designation as a Landmark (best practice) case study through this peer selection process recognizes programs and social marketing approaches considered to be among the most successful in North America (based on impact, innovation, replicability and adaptability.)

Rewire is a great model for reducing energy consumption through behaviour changes in student residences. Toolkits provide student organizers with detailed discussions of the environmental impact of specific behaviours, implementation strategies for energy conservation, and an assortment of ‘action tools’. These organizers use the materials conservation-themed events to set a positive social norm for environmentally conscious activities. Rewire reduced consumption by between 221 and 258 MWh in its second year when it ran in seven residences with 1,500 students. The savings were

Free 60 minute recording of webinar presented by Stuart Chan, Sustainability Coordinator, University of Toronto on Friday March 25, 2011.