This program is a great example of the use of ongoing individualized feedback and prompts, coupled with norm appeals. Opower helps individual utility companies to send customized home energy use feedback reports to their residential utility customers. The full-colour reports include a comparison with other similar households, offer tips and strategies to reduce energy use, and provide seasonal energy consumption information. A web portal offers personalized insights and tips, and tools for choosing an optimal energy rate plan. In addition, Opower offers utilities the opportunity to send text messages directly to customers to alert them when their energy consumption is high and offer ways to reduce it. Since the partnership between Opower and its first Minnesota utility began in 2009, 6% of all Minnesota households have received the reports and have saved more than U.S. $6 million annually on their energy bills and more than 107 GWh (107,000,000 kWh) of electricity. Opower has similar contracts with utilities in 10 other U.S. states and in the U.K. Overall, the Opower program is on track to deliver 400 GWh (400,000,000 kWh) in energy savings in 2011.

Presented by Josh Bufford, Director of Client Solutions at Opower, Sucheta Lakhani, Engagement Manager at Opower, Tuesday Feb 28, 2012, 12 noon to 1:00 PM Eastern Time.