HSBC Clean Air Achievers targets youth in grades 6 - 9 and is focused on the interconnections between transportation, air quality, climate change and health. The program is provided by Clean Air Champions (CAC) with dual goals of reducing air pollution (carbon dioxide) and increasing physical activity levels via active modes of transportation. Every program CAC delivers engages the Champions - Olympic, Paralympic and National Team athletes who are integral in educating and inspiring youth to take action for the environment. This is a program with in-class and practical learning experiences, however it also encourages participation by adults (teachers, parents, caregivers etc.).  After each Champion's in-class, multi-media presentation students begin logging in to an online calculator where travel trips are recorded and participants see their air quality and fitness impacts firsthand. The program provides teachers with comprehensive curriculum-connected resources and activities that allow the learning to continue in a range of subject areas. Since 2006 HSBC/CAA has consistently decreased participants C02 emissions by 15% and increased students' active transportation (physical activity) levels by 15%. Designated a Landmark case study in 2013.

Presented by Deirdre Laframboise, Executive Director, Clean Air Champions, and Josephine Hénault, HSBC Clean Air Achievers Program Manager, on April 16, 2014