Topic outline

  • Speakers:

    • Kirk Stinchcombe, water conservation specialist, advisor to the
      POLIS Project, and former manager of policy and planning with the B.C. Ministry of Environment’s Water Stewardship Division

    • Jennifer Grado, water efficiency program coordinator, City of Toronto

    Session Description:

    Canadians pay remarkably little for our water by international standards, and it’s no coincidence that we are among the highest per capita water consumers in the world. Conservation-oriented pricing uses municipal water rates as a tool to affect individuals’ choices about how they use water. By making better use of this “pricing tool," municipalities can dramatically impact water consumption in their communities and improve the financial performance of water utilities at the same time.

    If your municipality is considering or implementing reforms to water pricing to promote conservation, this webinar is for you. Learn the practical steps, challenges and benefits of conservation-oriented price structures as a vital tool in sustainable water management. Our speakers will examine research, trends and leading examples from across North America, including a case study of Toronto’s experience with conservation-oriented water pricing

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